Expert opinions and advice about buying

How good is the good piece of craftsmanship?

Pianos are not articles which are simply bought and thrown away. Some are tuneful and beautiful, even after 100 years – and are capable of making 20 year old models look dated. Others however are only gems from the outside, with an interior which is somewhat in tatters. And others are quite unimpressive, yet sound as a bell on the inside.

Only an expert can assess how much substance and sound potential an upright or a grand piano really has.

Regardless of whether you have inherited an instrument or would like to buy or sell one: I will carefully examine it and will tell you what it is worth. If it is damaged, I will tell you exactly what has to be repaired, how much it will cost and whether the repair will be worth it. I am happy to provide my neutral advice as an expert, even if you are considering buying an instrument. Just give me a call!

For an oral assessment I charge 80,00 Euro plus travel cost. This amount will be deducted from the total cost of repair if a repair is ordered.

Weekend tariffs:
– on Saturdays 50 %
– on Sundays 100 %