Repair work and restoration

Getting to grips with the sound

Mechanical equipment is subjected to wear and tear. This applies to a bicycle as much as it does to a piano. But most of the time, it is not usage that causes the touch to jump or a sound which is not balanced, it is simply the fact that over time, things fall out of place.

A piano is a sensitive system made up of thousands of individual pieces which all have to be accurately calibrated with one another. In a piano, the smallest of deviations can cause wide ranging effects – negative as well as positive ones.

piano mechanics

As such, there is no reason to put up with defective keys, annoying background noise and an unsatisfactory sound. Give me a call: A few tweaks in the right places can often work wonders.

However even in the case of real damage, such as a broken soundboard, you can rely on my knowledge and care.

I carry out all works in my workshop and use exclusively high-quality spare parts. Indeed, a special service provider from the region takes over shellac polishes and customized repaintings.

Superior quality without compromise is also valid for complete restorations. Because they are very costly, I consult when required a colleague. If you like to see how the work is done, you are very welcome to visit me at any time – just give me a call and make an appointment!

In any event, I am happy to utilise my knowledge and the pride that I place in my work, in order to restore the joy that you have in your instrument.