Christof Klingel

A piano maker with heart and soul

Christof Klingel advises with care and commitment

Piano manufacturing for me is the ideal union of music and wood, art and craftsmanship. I am now working successfully in my own work shop in Mannheim-Germany since 2006. Mannheim has been recently awarded by UNESCO to be member of its Creative Cities Network, so called "Mannheim UNESCO City of Music".

I was trained at one of the best known schools in Germany: Pianomanufaktur Ibach in Schwelm-Germany, the oldest upright and grand piano maker in the world – unfortunately, this traditional enterprise doesn't exist anymore. I spent three years there learning the art of piano making as well as string spinning at the highest level. Experience master craftsmen initiated me into the finer points of material and mechanics, sound and intonation, and taught me not just to recognize quality but to produce it as well.

I did not just take the skills of a craftsman with me from Ibach to my workshop, but also the appreciation of quality. I would never use inferior materials or perform a stopgap solution. I consider each piano to be an individual, and I am dedicated to optimally express the character of each instrument. For the joy of my clients – as well as my own satisfaction.